Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Back to Tapestry

I’m not a serious tapestry weaver, but I’m lucky to know and learn from two members of Archie Brennan’s and Susan Martin Maffei’s Wednesday Group . Betsy Snope and Rita Landau, two close friends and members of my New Jersey weaving guild, began sharing the techniques they’ve learned from Archie and Susan with a small group of local weavers interested in learning tapestry. I wouldn’t have completed the tapestry samples for my Certificate of Excellence in Handweaving without their instruction and support.


Their class has morphed into a Tuesday morning study group attracting anywhere from three to 10 weavers each week, all working at their levels. After a long absence, I finally made it back to tapestry today. My latest work in progress is a 12-inch wide by 12 or 14-tall representation of a puffin I am adapting from a photo in a book. I’m working in the body of the black bird, blending my blacks with dark brown, dark gray and even dark green. It’s slow because I don’t get back to him very often. But when I need a change of pace from the shaft loom, I pull him out and continue painting with yarn. It’s very contemplative.

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  1. Great job on layout and hyperlink. I think you know as much as I do!!!!