Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My first sale!

It’s my first day at sutherland by myself. Even Pattiy is off today. And I made my first sale. A nice man bought my corduroy handbag and the black and white star check scarf I just wove as gifts. What a nice uncle!

I’ve been catching up with online-marketing stuff and haven’t woven a pick except for the three I threw showing my customer how the scarf was made.

We also believe we now have two students for my Weaving I class, and I’m thrilled about being able to test out my new three-warp format for this class.

I got a visit today from a woman who wove blanket samples for Beacon Blankets for years. When she’s not at her new day job, she weaves scarves and shawls at home using a loom and yarn she got when Beacon closed down. She reminded me of my friend JoAnn, who also learned to weave in industry in New York. She can’t read my drafts and I can’t read hers, and JoAnn can tie on a new warp in about 10 minutes with her special knotting technique. JoAnn and Carolyn, my visitor, would have hit it off great.

By the way, Carolyn came in because she saw Barb and I on the local TV news. Jason from WLOS-TV came by Sunday morning to interview us and take video of the studio. I had sent a press release about the grand opening. The story was shown on the 6 pm news Sunday, and I MISSED IT! I was distracted by a new puppy my husband and I picked up from a local rescue that day. I’ve ordered a DVD, and if I can figure out how, I’ll post it here for your amusement.

And here002’s a picture of Cara, a young woman with multiple craft skills who stopped in to see us Sunday during our grand opening. She wove the wall hanging in a class she took in Peru and bought the belts from a backstrap weaver there.

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