Friday, December 18, 2009

You’re not going to believe this

Working from home today because…IT’S SNOWING. Seriously snowing, like it hasn’t snowed in Asheville fo003r 10 or 12 years. We’re expecting up to 10 inches of snow before it stops tomorrow, and that’s at the low elevations. Our mountain neighbors may not make it out for days.

Good day to catch up on home things: decorate the Christmas tree, try to convince our new puppy that she really does need to go outside and walk around in this stuff, finally getting the Chr001istmas cards out, and borrowing a snow shovel from the neighbor because we left ours in New Jersey. This is, after all, the SOUTH!

I may not make it to the studio tomorrow either, unless it stops sooner than predicted and the plows make their way to my road. It will be a good day to plan my next warp using sock yarn. I’m hoping it will be successful enough to enter in Handwoven’s sock yarn weaving conte002st. If it keeps snowing, I might just warp and weave it here.

Fortunately there’s food in the fridge and the pantry is stocked with Tazo Joy tea, a holiday favorite that a good friend turned me onto last Christmas.  

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