Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A new baby for the studio

A baby wolf loom, that is. We were able to purchase another baby wolf loom for sutherland from a friend of mine in New Jersey, which brings our family of available floor looms for classes to four. That opens up more space for students when classes snew baby wolftart in January.

The first class is scheduled for Jan. 8-10, and is called Just Weave. I will warp as many studio looms as needed in rayon chenille. Students may reserve one of them on any day that weekend and come in to “just weave,” a scarf in one day. I’ll provide instruction for those who’ve never woven before and let those familiar with weaving just weave away the day enjoying the rhythm.

For those novice weavers who become hooked during this taste of weaving and want to learn more, I have scheduled an in-depth introduction to planning, warping and weaving that will actually allow students to warp the loom three times before the class is finished. Weaving I-Three Warps, Three Towels begins Jan. 17 and continues on Sunday afternoons from noon-4 pm for eight weeks. It is my hope students leave that class much more comfortable with warping on their own and more likely to continue weaving.

If our students fall in love with the Baby Wolf, as we have, we are also working on a dealership arrangement with Schacht Spindle Co. to help them adopt a “baby,” “wolf pup” or bigger Schacht loom of their very own.

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  1. Karen
    I just KNOW that your new venture is going to be great. We're sorry to lose you (in NJ), but warm wishes to you and Barb for much success.