Monday, November 2, 2009

Barb’s been busy

When I met Barb at Convergence in 06, we were both warping looms we’d rented for our workshop that started the next day. I  noticed she was working with pretty fine silk, which surprised me as we only had a few hours of pre-workshop warping time. I was warping 5/2 cotton. I was even more surprised when she said she was a relatively new weaver, and she just loves fine threads. Really fine threads.

So it surprised me aalpacascarf211-09gain when she sent these pictures of the latest project to come off her loom, a scarf made with comparatively thick handspun alpaca she picked up at the Blue Ridge Fiber Fair last month. She was surprised herself at how much she likes it. She also discovered how quickly it weaalpaca scarf closeup11-09ves, especially with a loose sett. On and off the loom in one day. It feels so good, she plans to weave another, sett a bit closer.





The batch of purplepurple scarves11-09 scarves is more her style. Expect to see all at Sutherland in December, unless she sells them at the River Arts District Studio Stroll Nov. 14 & 15.

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