Sunday, November 15, 2009

Silk City Fibers Outlet

While in New Jersey, I decided to drive to Paterson to check out the monthly warehouse outlet sale at Silk City Fibers. Silk City is strictly wholesale except for the open-to-the-public outlet. However you can see the yarns they carry on the website without a wholesale account.

I was looking for rayon chenille to use for the “Just Weave” class I’ll be teaching at sutherland in January. This class is designed for beginning weavers who want to try their hand at weaving without a lengthy commitment or experienced weavers who would simply like to spend a day throwing the shuttle without warping the loom.

I will pre-warp the studio looms with rayon chenille for a scarf. Students simply reserve a loom and pick one day during the designated weekend. They arrive in the morning, get a little instruction as needed, and weave off the scarf by

rayon chenille

the end of the day. My hope is that most of the students will be smitten with the process and want to learn more.

Here’s a look at the rayon chenille I found Saturday. I’ll be adding it to my current stash for the class.

Of course, I found a few other treasures I couldn’t pass up. From left to right, 3 cones of wool crepe/velveen, two cones of Ecocot organic cotton, superfine merino, a cone of a silk/cashmere blend and a cone of silk. Yummy.

Barb and I are wondering whether to establish a wholesale account with Silk City and invest in the sample books. Please let us know if you might like to order these yarns through us.



  1. Look at the 300 lbs price vs. the 1 lb. price. It's a good idea to have someone get a wholesale account and the rest of us people put in an order to make up the order requirement. If you have 30 people ordering 10 lbs each or 60 people ordering 5 lbs each, there's your 300 lbs. requirement met. But you'd better collect the money upfront and get all orders in writing. You know, to avoid miscommunications.

  2. I'm searching for Silk City Chenille 1300 in Seal Brown # 726. I need about a 1,000 yards and Silk City doesn't have anymore since it's discontinued. You wouldn't happen to have any you want to get rid of?